Miscellaneous Tools

Cyberchef: Construct payloads

Revshells: Generate reverse shell payloads

Gitea: Alternative to Github

Datura Network

Datura Network is a project that aims to provide a complete toolkit of privacy and anonymity services. The main server is Hosted on Hostiko, the plan is to make it host as many privacy tools as possible (such as alternative privacy frontends for popular services, Monero, Tor bridge nodes, etc).

Tor Bridge Nodes

Torproject is the last bastion of online anonymity. Think of it as the first pillar for your privacy and anonymity. It is the anonymization network that has recieved the most donations, studies and support. Tor provides anonymity on the IP level, the Tor network can be used to access websites anonymously.

Datura Network hosts the following Tor bridge node (also known as entry relay), that you can use to circumvent censorship if you live in a totalitarian regime.

  • Bridge obfs4 D297827BF14F7EEF4325B87558FC812C801ACB0B cert=Bih5E9pLe/M9OkWOuXgrHy8DOt59SmM8n3GKQ/Uu6tup0JLwt0waBtZhR08O+TIKEd29Kw iat-mode=0

You can also help by running a snowflake bridge by enabling the setting below or by installing the firefox addon:

Monero Nodes

Monero is a payment solution that allows for anonymous payments. Much like the Torproject, it is also a fundamental pillar for one's anonymity online, it accomplished what every other crypto failed to do, and is what bitcoin should have been all along. For more information on how monero is superiror to other cryptocurrencies, check this page. If you want to sync with the monero blockchain you can use my 2 nodes below.



If you live in a heavily censored country, you can use these onion links to hide the connections to the monero nodes instead:

  • http://nihilisxacas2ntt3kb2nzfjp4nu5enratyehvahllblxgq2tqpsrnid.onion:18081

  • http://daturab6drmkhyeia4ch5gvfc2f3wgo6bhjrv3pz6n7kxmvoznlkq4yd.onion:18081

To find other monero nodes you can go to https://monero.fail