The Flower

Datura is a plant that grows all over the world, it is large, invasive and poisonous. Datura belongs to the nightshade family and contains alkaloids that interrupt the normal functionning of the nervous system.

Despite it's innocent and elegant appearance, the plant is extremely toxic and so psychedelic that it's even in the category of deliriants, every part of the plant is dangerous.

The overall effects of Datura are confusion, dehydratation, fevers, blurry vision, and above all delirium. It is one of the most potent hallucinogens known on the planet, and can produce a whole range of permanent negative psychological and physical side-effects. Due to it's nature it cannot be realisticly used as a recreational substance, and thus it is legal almost everywhere all over the world.

The Reason

Currently this world's internet is governed by centralised entities, mostly by corporations that not only bend the law for their own profit, but also invade the privacy of as many people as possible, to be able to target them with ads or other products, or to just invade their privacy without their consent.

Like a gardener that tries to pluck flowers in the wild, become a poisonous flower among the vulnerable others, that anyone will regret trying to harvest.

Your privacy, and anonymity are both fundamental human rights, and under no circumstances should you let anyone infringe upon it.

The Network

The goal is to propagate the will to restore privacy as much as possible throughout the world by having a network of servers providing as many privacy-shielding and anonymisation tools as possible.

To contribute to the network, you need to setup privacy and anonymity services, and show others why and how to set them up aswell. Also make sure that your services are listed among others for ease of access but to also reinforce the resiliency of the network.