[Anonymous Web Browsing]

The Tor Project is the first pillar for your privacy and anonymity. It is the anonymization network that has recieved the most donations, studies and support. Tor provides anonymity on the IP level, Therefore it can be used to access websites anonymously.

Datura Network hosts the following Tor bridge node (also known as entry relay), that you can use to circumvent censorship if you live in a totalitarian regime.

Bridge obfs4 38F848796D85A1705E4922DF8726E3FB3464807B cert=WLgrAd8Tpol1St4eMKCS0A4z6+OGQGURtXY/IoHaotL7pDerzYsOqgDzLg7FIUBCdys4TA iat-mode=0

The Tor Project fights for everyone's right to privacy, especially for the most privacy-deprived countries on the planet.

Another testament to Tor's technological prowess, is the presence of highly illicit websites, and their longevity. you can find a history of those here and the current ones here.

You can also help by running a snowflake bridge by enabling the setting below or by installing the firefox addon: